What is this website?

Nostalgia Kids is a website dedicated to TV and Movie nostalgia. We help you track down your favourites from years gone by. We've been online since 2010, building and maintaining a catalogue of fantastic TV shows and movies from decades past. You can quickly find the TV shows and movies of your childhood on our website, with YouTube clips and links to download legally.

What happened to nostalgia90kids?

We decided to branch out further than the 90s. We have built up a fantastic catalogue of TV Shows and Movies covering the 90s and surrounding years. We want to be the number one website for TV and Movie nostalgia, allowing users to buy/rent their favourites legally.

What are Remembers?

Remembers allow you to share your appreciation for a show or movie. They are public, but you are not identifiable. It also allows you to receive notifications related to the show or movie.

What are Notifications?

If a show you Remember becomes available for purchase/rent through one of our partners, you can receive a notification. You can also share the news on social media.