Pok�mon: The First Movie

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Pok�mon the First Movie, originally released in Japan as Pocket Monsters the Movie: Mewtwo Strikes Back, is a 1998 Japanese animated film directed by Kunihiko Yuyama, the chief director of the Pok�mon television series. It is the first theatrical release in the Pok�mon franchise. The title can also be interpreted as Mewtwo's Counterattack. As Pok�mon was extremely popular when the film was released, it was a box office hit worldwide. It primarily consists of three segments: Pikachu's Vacation, a 20+ minute feature focusing on the most popular Pok�mon character Pikachu; Origin of Mewtwo, a 10-minute featurette that functions as a prologue to the main feature; and Mewtwo Strikes Back, the main 75-minute movie feature. However, the United States dub version by 4Kids Entertainment omitted "Origin of Mewtwo" from the package before its U.S. theatrical run due to its dark nature, as the target MPAA rating was G; it was partially restored in the movie's release on VHS and DVD. The featurette was eventually dubbed and restored as a special feature in the U.S. release of the direct-to-video follow-up movie sequel Pok�mon: Mewtwo Returns.