The Rugrats Movie

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The Rugrats Movie is a 1998 American animated film, produced by Klasky Csupo and Nickelodeon Movies and distributed by Paramount Pictures.

Based on the animated Nickelodeon series, Rugrats, this film introduced Tommy's baby brother Dil Pickles, who was named after Didi Pickles' cousin, and appeared on the original series the next year. In theaters, the CatDog short "Fetch!" was featured before the movie, though the CatDog short "Winslow's Home Videos" was featured before the movie on VHS, DVD . The film marks the first film distributed by Nickelodeon Movies to be based on a Nicktoon, to be animated, and to receive a G rating from the MPAA. This was also the last Nickelodeon Movie to be released in the 1990s, and to be credited as Nickelodeon on the film's Nickelodeon Movies logo, and the first Nickelodeon Movie to win a 1999 Kids' Choice Awards.