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After a piglet's mother is taken away by humans to be slaughtered, Babe is picked out for a "guess the weight" booth at a county fair. Farmer Arthur Hoggett guesses his weight and wins the pig. Babe is brought to his farm and allowed to stay with the female sheepdog, Fly (a Border Collie), and her pups. Maa, an elderly resident sheep, tells him to watch out for the dogs. A duck named Ferdinand, posing as a rooster in order to keep from being eaten, wakes the farm each morning by crowing. He persuades Babe to help him destroy the alarm clock because it threatens his mission. They succeed, but wake Duchess (a cat) and destroy the living room. The shenanigans cause Babe and Duchess to be covered in paint. Rex, Fly's mate and leader of the farm animals, orders Babe to stay away from Ferdinand (who is now a fugitive) and the house.