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Kerching! follows the lives of teenagers Taj, Danny and Seymour. The programme revolves around Taj's website, Rudeboy, and his money-making schemes. The fictional Rudeboy website sells ringtones, computer games, concert tickets, designer clothes and other merchandise and is central to the plot of the programme. The title of the show comes from Taj, Danny and Seymor's catchphrase "Kerching!", used when they make money through their business schemes.

Notable characters:

Taj Lewis - Rudeboy

Seymour Franklin - one of Taj's best friends and loves to cook

Danny Spooner - one of Taj's best friends and not so smart but funny

Missy Lewis - Taj's sister

Kareesha Lopez - Missy's friend

Josephine Lewis - Taj's mum

Omar Lewis - Taj's brother

Ricardo Murray - Taj's rival

Carlton - owner of The Chill Out Grill

Tamsin - Ricardo's girlfriend, Taj had a secret crush on her

Leon - Omar and Patrick's friend

Alex Moss - friends with Taj, a good organiser and listener - Taj also had a crush on her

Elspeth Rae
Judy Browne
Hannah Tointon
Curtis Walker
Danny Young
Jaeden Burke
Velile Tshabalala
Tisha Martin
Jamie Sweeney
Tendayi Jembere
Devon Anderson