Johnson and Friends

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Johnson and Friends is an Australian children's programme based on a real elephant produced by Film Australia, first broadcast in 1991. It was shown in the UK in the early 1990s on TCC, CBBC, and then on UK Living's Tiny Living strand for under-fives, a cable channel for the under 5s, in the early morning. It is shown in Australia by the ABC Kids Channel. It was aired in the United States as a segment on the Fox Cubhouse, an educational children's program on the Fox network, from 1993 to 1996.

Johnson and his friends are toys that belong to a boy named Michael, unseen except for asleep in his bed. They reside in his bedroom, and but do not move or show any signs of life until he has left the room or fallen asleep. Each episode involves a story about the toys, and it will usually have a little message to convey to the children, about sharing, cheating, complaining, or similar. The programme was narrated by Paul Bertram.

Johnson and Friends has recently been released on DVD.