The Borrowers

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The Borrowers is a BBC TV miniseries first broadcast in 1992 on BBC2.

The Clock Family are "borrowers," tiny people who live in the houses of regular sized "human beans (a borrower mispronunciation of human beings)". They survive by borrowing all they need from big people and try to keep their existence secret. The main characters are a teenage borrower girl named Arriety and her parents, Pod and Homily. During a borrowing expedition with her father and contrary to borrower nature, Arriety befriends a human boy named George who lives in the home and develops a friendship with him.

The tiny family, who live under the kitchen floorboards of an old manor, are eventually discovered by the other humans who occupy the home and are forced to flee into the English countryside. After finding an old boot to live in the family befriends a fellow Borrower - a young man who goes by the name "Dreadful Spiller". Spiller helps them find a more permanent home by reuniting them with relations who had formerly ran away from the same manor after one of them was seen and eventually relocated in the caretaker's cabin on the manor's grounds.